• 40g porridge oats

• 2 eggs

• 150g quark

• 4tbsp TRKG Mint Chocolate sugar free syrup (any essence or syrup can be used depending on preference)


• 6 squares of a Mint Chocolate bar ( I used Roisin’s Mint chocolate bar from Aldi)


• Blend all ingredients in a blended

• Using an electric doughnut machine or silicone doughnut baking tray, cook in batches until all the mixture is gone. Cooking times will vary depending on what apparatus is being used

• Once cooked set aside to cool

• Melt the Mint chocolate in a bowl over a mug of boiling water and use a tsp to drizzle it on top

• Put in fridge for chocolate topping to set

TRKG Mint chocolate sugar free syrup can be ordered directly from the website TRKG Healthy Living I use discount code “PIPPA15”

Electric doughnut maker- I got mine on sale in Aldi, and got 20 mini doughnuts using it