About me

Let me introduce myself. . .

My name is Pippa, I started my Slimming World journey on Monday 24th November 2014, I was definitely a Monday dieter my whole life!

I had come home from talking with my boyfriend ( now fiancé ) about a possible family holiday the coming summer and knew I couldn’t sit in the heat by a pool in a swimsuit and t-shirt and be uncomfortable as per every other year, even though the smile on my face hid it well. I wanted to make a change. I wasn’t happy or comfortable in myself or my body and knowing that on that holiday I would be in a maxi dress, I could never wear shorts and a top. I would again be warm, uncomfortable but most of all embarrassed in my own skin.

My friend had joined Slimming World and had been quite successful loosing almost three stone and I couldn’t think of a reason not to give it a go, this was my last chance. Monday diets, pills, shakes, other slimming organisations and weight loss motivational clinics had been tried tested and failed by me.

I felt so restricted, deprived on all of these diets, but most of all hungry which immediately sent me into eating, overeating and eating anything and everything in sight. The more I ate the sadder I became and the sadder I became the more I ate. These feelings prevent you from succeeding and reaching your goals. You feel hopeless and like a lost cause.

I had heard a lot about the groups and success people had with Slimming World, proudly displaying their certificates on social media and I thought it was the last thing I could try that could help me lose weight. If this didn’t work it was the last straw and I was going to feel at rock bottom for the rest of my life.

I was too scared and embarrassed to join a group and joined as an online member giving myself three months to succeed and transfer to a group with a couple pounds lost or fail secretly and sure no one would know about it. I was going to be a secret slimmer!

Having coeliac disease I already felt so restricted in what I could eat and I what I couldn’t I hated food shopping and constantly ate the old reliable frozen pizza, often three or four would grace my freezer at any one stage.

The first week drew to an end, I wasn’t hungry and knew I had gained weight because I was on a “diet” so I thought I should be hungry and grouchy. I stood on my little white scales in my bathroom and looked down I had lost 6lbs in my first week! It was the most weight I had ever lost in a week. My second week I lost 7lbs.

This was it it, I could feel it in my blood I could do it and I was going to do it, not for my family, not for my boyfriend (fiancé) but finally for ME! I wanted this and I was going to do everything I could to reach my goals.

There is so much support, and friendship in a Slimming World group that it inspires you to be the best you can be, being in a room with people who understand how you feel and are going through the same thing as you physically and emotionally is what I needed.

Slimming World is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, it has re-educated me about food and I have fallen in love with it again! Everything fits into the plan and you never feel deprived! I have a healthy relationship with food, I have a balanced diet and for the first time in my life my consultant sent me away with a control on my coeliac disease but most importantly for me no deficiencies. And I know my yearly consultation will continue to show a my control on my condition.

I won’t lie, there was points I wanted to give up but I would ask myself why. You can do this, you are doing this, it’s just one week at a time until target!

I go out with my friends, as I did throughout my journey and I still enjoy social events, but I made choices and had a plan in place for all out comes whether I lost I maintained or I gained. If you can’t live your life you won’t be happy or successful with your goals.

I won’t lie, I didn’t lose weight every week. In fact, I’ve had a few gains and maintains! But I never gave up, and I used those weeks I wasn’t happy with the scales to drive me for the week ahead and always smashed my goals the next week!

I started Slimming World at a weight of 17st 4lbs and lost 6st 4lb in 9 months and reaching my target weight of 11st. I was on cloud 9, delighted with my accomplishment but most importantly healthy!

Having Coeliac Disease, PCOS & endometriosis,  fertility was always going to be an issue for me. After 9 months of being at target, i found out i was expecting! Shocked, surprised, over the moon, over whelmed, I experienced so many emotions.

I wanted to continue following the Slimming World pregnancy plan and tried as much as I could. I won’t lie I followed the plan, then I didn’t. I found it very hard to see myself as pregnant and not 17st again so food became a comfort for me again. The week after my beautiful little girl was born on November 26th 2016, I made the decision to go back to group and see where I was weight wise. Family & friends told me to give it time and not rush myself but I knew this was something that I needed to do for myself. But most importantly get back to being healthy and energetic for Olivia.  I went back to group and discovered an overall 3st 9.5lbs gain. I was heartbroken I knew I’d put on weight but I genuinely though two stone max!

It took me 28 weeks to reclaim my pre pregnancy weight and I have since lowered my target twice to achieve a healthier BMI, as I wasn’t able to maintain the weight I was and continued to loose weight.

I have lost 7st 5.5lbs. I’m a proud Slimming World member and prouder consultant. I’m just a normal girl, who hopes to inspire, motivate and give you some inspiration others along your journeys.

Pippa x